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Lina Hortensia MartinezThe Garifuna ethnic group is one of many ethnic groups that make up the multi-ethnic country of Honduras. In the Afro-descendant and autochthonous Garifuna communities of Honduras, cassava bread is the primary staple food product baked by women for their families. Wabagari has made an alliance with these cassava bread producers by flavoring, commercializing, exporting and selling cassava snacks. This partnership has opened new possibilities to increase family income and create more sustainable livelihoods. We thank the Garifuna women of Honduras who make cassava bread for helping us reach the success we have had and hope to be a source of economic, social and cultural empowerment for them.

As a Garifuna woman myself, I believe we can all benefit from cassava production. By taking small steps today, I believe we can make a big difference tomorrow. O’Big Mama is our leading cassava snack brand. We bring to your table a naturally delicious cassava snack, offering you a new way to enjoy flavored and unflavored cassava bread. Wabagari and O’Big Mama products aim to bring to your table a piece of Garifuna culture and flavor!

The Wabagari team and I appreciate all the support received from organizations, friends and family that have supported the growth of our business. Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to having you join us as we continue to grow and expand our business.


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Lina Hortensia Martinez